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Invasive Plants That Cause Problems

There are three plants that are constantly giving me problems in Tampa area homes. They are: sword fern, asparagus fern, and Brazilian pepper. All of these plants are listed on the Florida invasive plants list.

They should never be planted!

Sword Fern

sword fern invasive plant

Sword fern looks like Boston fern and it can be difficult to tell the difference. This plant spreads aggressively through underground tubers and can be found growing up in many of your landscape plants. You will also notice them growing on the sides of palm trees.

These ferns have spores that spread from house to house by wind causing a constant maintenance headache. Unknowingly, some homeowners plant them around their yard making the problem worse!

Asparagus Fern

asparagus fern invasive plant

You might see this plant for sale in garden centers. But, it is listed as a Category II invasive plant! After flowering, this plant develops bright red berries that birds love. That is how it spreads all over the landscape.

The really bad thing about this plant is that it has very sharp needle-like leaves that are difficult to pull out. Gloves recommended!

Brazilian Pepper

brazilian pepper invasive plant

Here is another plant that I find growing up inside of landscape plants and hedges. This plant also produces berries that birds eat and cause it to spread.

This plant is usually easy to get rid of by just simply pulling it out of the ground. But, you bet that won't be the end of the problem. You'll find them growing up in your landscape plants all year long.

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